Level 1

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

It is a warm day. ​

The sun shines.​

Alice sits outside with her sister. ​

She falls asleep.

She sees a white rabbit.​

She goes after him into the rabbit hole.​

She falls.

At the bottom of the hole, she finds a bottle.​

She drinks.​

She becomes smaller.

She finds a cake. ​

She eats it.​

She becomes very big.

Alice cries.​

Her tears are very big.​

There is a lot of water.​

Her tears form a pool.

Alice becomes small again.​

She swims away.

Alice comes out of the sea.

She meets the rabbit again.​

She goes to his house.

She finds a bottle.​

She drinks.

She grows.​

The house is too small for her.​

She can’t go out.

She eats cake.​

She is small again.

Alice goes to the forest.​

She finds Caterpillar.​

He sits on a mushroom.

The caterpillar explains to her ​
how to grow and get small again.

Alice meets Cheshire Cat.​

The cat says:​
“We are all mad here.”

Alice finds a very small door.​

She eats a mushroom.​

She is small.​

Now she can go through the door.

Alice is in the garden.​

She plays croquet with the Queen.

The soldiers and servants of the Queen look like playing cards.

The Queen is angry at everyone.​

She wants to kill Alice.

Alice grows.​

She fights the card-soldiers.

She wakes up.​

She tells her sister about the dream.​

She goes back home.