The project

BiblioLingua (project 2023-2025) aims to propose an offer of adapted reading, by associating the second language acquisition with the promotion of European literature and heritage. This offer aims secondary school students and their teachers.

The future collection consist of 17 e-books with different reading levels.

To make our offer as adapted to the needs of the students and the teachers as possible, we will make available the associated pedagogical packages. These packages will consist of lesson plans for the teachers and pedagogical dossiers for the students.

In addition, this project aims to provide a platform where all of the ressources created throughout the project will be accessible for free, to everyone.

This project brings together 6 European partners:

  • LogoPsyCom (coordinator), Belgian company specialized in learning disabilities
  • Les Apprimeurs, a French digital agency specialized in the implementation of innovative solutions promoting access to fundamental knowledge
  • The Institute for the Deaf in Turin, Italy, working, among others, with deaf migrants
  • Babel Idiomas, a private teacher training and language education center in Málaga (Spain)
  • Tartu Raatuse Kool, a primary school in Estonia that is using modern teaching methods
  • Zakladna skola, Skultetyho 1, Nitra is a Slovakian school that offers primary and lower secondary education

BiblioLingua is funded by the Erasmus+ programme.
All content produced during the project will be freely accessible.
Project Number: 2022-2-BE01-KA220-SCH-000096799