Level 2

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

It is a warm day, and the weather is nice.​

Alice sits outside with her sister and falls asleep.

She sees a white rabbit running by. She goes after him into the rabbit hole and falls into it.

At the bottom of the hole, Alice finds a bottle.​

She drinks from it and suddenly becomes smaller.

Later, the young girl finds a cake and eats it. All of a sudden, she becomes very big.

Alice cries and her huge tears fall on the floor.​

After some time, they form a pool of tears.

Alice becomes small again.​

She falls into the pool of tears and manages to swim away.

When Alice comes out of the sea, she is in a completely different place.

She meets the rabbit again. He thinks Alice is his servant. ​

She enters his house.

In the White Rabbit’s house, she finds a bottle. When she drinks from it, she grows.​

Now, Alice is too big to fit correctly into the house. She wants to go out, but cannot.

The animals are afraid of Alice. They throw rocks at her, but the rocks turn into cakes.​

She eats one cake, and she becomes small again.

Alice goes to the forest, ​

where she finds Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom.

The caterpillar explains her how to control when she grows and gets small again.

When she eats one part of the mushroom, she grows.​

When she eats another part of the mushroom, she becomes small.

Later, Alice meets Cheshire Cat.​

The cat explains to Alice that everyone in Wonderland is mad.

Then, the cat disappears. Alice can only see his smile.

Alice finds the small door again.​

She eats a part of the mushroom and becomes tiny.​

Now, she can go through the door.

On the other side of the door, Alice finds a garden. There, she meets the Queen and they play croquet together.

Queen’s soldiers and servants look like playing cards.

The Queen is mad at one of the people in the garden, but Alice defends him.

Now, the Queen is angry at Alice; she wants to kill her.​

The Queen gives the order to cut her head off.

Alice grows and fights the card-soldiers.

Suddenly, she wakes up.​

She tells her sister about the wonderful dream and returns home.