Level 3

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice rests outside with her sister on a warm and sunny day. She feels comfortable and calm, and soon, she falls asleep.

Suddenly, a white rabbit in a hurry comes by. Alice follows him into the rabbit hole.​ She is falling down the hole for a very long time.

At the bottom of the hole, Alice finds a very small door.​

It is so tiny that she cannot go through it.

Later, Alice finds a bottle with a caption saying: “Drink me”, and she drinks from it.

Suddenly, she shrinks. Unfortunately, the key to the door is on the table. Alice can’t reach it because she has become too small.​ Then, she finds a cake. “Eat me”, says the caption, so Alice eats the cake. Suddenly, she grows. She can reach the key now, but she can’t go through the door.

Alice feels overwhelmed and starts crying.​ Her huge tears fall on the floor, and after some time, they form a pool of tears.​ Alice becomes small again. She falls into the water, but finally manages to swim away.​ In the end, she comes out of the pool far from the previous place.

Alice meets the rabbit again. He mistakes Alice for his servant and lets her enter his house.​ In the White Rabbit’s house, Alice finds a bottle from which she drinks.​ She grows so big that she can barely fit into the house. As a result, she is stuck and cannot escape.

The animals fear Alice, because she is so huge. They throw rocks at her, but the rocks turn into cakes. She eats one cake, and she shrinks again.

Then, Alice goes to the forest.​

There, she finds Caterpillar​ who sits on a mushroom. The Caterpillar explains to her how to control the way she grows and shrinks.​ She must eat one part of the mushroom to grow and must eat another part of the mushroom to become small.

Alice meets Cheshire Cat.​ The cat explains to Alice that Wonderland is not a usual place. “Everyone is mad here”, he says.

The cat disappears, and Alice can only see his smile.​

She keeps exploring ​Wonderland.

She finds March Hare, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse having tea together. ​

She joins them, uninvited.

She learns that they are trapped, and they must stay at the tea party forever as a punishment.​

They are rude to Alice, so she quickly leaves them alone.

Alice finds the small door again. She eats a part of the mushroom ​

to become tiny. She is now able to go through the door.

On the other side of the door, Alice finds a garden. There she meets the Queen, her soldiers and servants.​ The Queen’s soldiers and servants look like playing cards; they represent different figures and numbers.

Alice catches some of them using red paint to change the colour of the roses in the garden.​ They made a mistake and planted white roses instead of red ones. They are afraid the queen will cut their heads off if she sees it.

Later, Alice plays croquet with the Queen, but it’s not an ordinary game.​

The mallets and balls are live flamingos and hedgehogs.

The Queen is mad at one of the people in the garden: he stands trial for stealing the Queen’s tarts. The Queen wants to behead the man, but Alice defends him.

​Now, the Queen gets angry at Alice and wants to kill her.​ She gives the order to cut her head off!

Alice grows, and compared to the Queen’s soldiers, she looks like a giant. She fights them with all her strength.

Suddenly, Alice wakes up.”Oh, I’ve had such a curious dream! ” she says. She tells her sister everything.​

It is already time to go back home. Alice gets up and runs away, still surprised by what a wonderful dream it was.