Level 2

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe was born in 1632 in England.
In 1651, he goes on a boat trip.
The ship sinks, but all crew members survive.

Later, during a sea travel, Robinson’s ship is attacked by pirates.
For two years, Crusoe becomes the captain’s slave.
During a fishing trip, he escapes with Xury, another slave.

Thanks to a Portuguese ship, they sail to Brazil.
For four years, Robinson Crusoe lives in Brazil.
He is a sugar plantation owner.

During a sea travel, there is a storm.
Robinson is the only survivor and arrives on an island on September 30, 1659.

He saves supplies, equipment and animals from the shipwreck.
He discovers that the island is uninhabited and builds a camp where he can live.

His everyday life consists of hunting, finding supplies and building his cave, among other things.

Because of the rain, Robinson becomes very ill.
Ultimately, he survives his illness and begins praying to God.

Crusoe explores the island, finds useful plants and crops, builds a second home in a valley and improves his cave.

After four years on this island, Robinson has to create new clothes from goat skins.

After living for about 10 years on the island, Robinson Crusoe domesticates goats.
They provide him with meat, butter and cheese.

Robinson Crusoe discovers a human footprint on the beach. He fears that the natives from the mainland may find him.
In 15 years, no one found him, so even if he is afraid, he decides to improve the security of his home.

Robinson Crusoe discovers a beach covered with bones and remains of human bodies.
He realises that the natives are cannibals.

Robinson Crusoe helps a captive escape from the cannibals.
He names him Friday and makes him his servant.
Crusoe teaches him English and Christianity.

A group of natives arrive with captives on the island.
Robinson and Friday rescue two of them, a Spanish survivor from a shipwreck and Friday’s father.

Later, English sailors are victims of a mutiny.
They arrive on the island.
Crusoe and Friday help the captain retake the ship.

To thank them, the captain rescues them from the island.

Robinson Crusoe returns to England after 35 years.
He discovers that most of his family has died.
He also learns that he is rich thanks to his plantation in Brazil.

Robinson Crusoe visits his island again. There, the colony has grown.