Level 1

The Grandmother

The Grandmother Madeline lives in a small village.
Her face is sweet and gentle.
She has one son and two daughters.
Everybody loves her for her kindness.

One day a letter comes.
Grandmother´s eldest daughter writes.
She asks her to move in with her family.

The first thing Grandmother takes care of is the household.
She mainly bakes bread.

Grandmother throws leftovers to the animals.
She also collects and dries herbs.

The Grandmother spins wool with the spinning wheel.
She sings cheerful songs and prepares cookies.
She even tells beautiful stories about her life.

The Grandmother likes to sit under the tree with her grandchildren.

She tells them about guardian angels.

The children are telling to Grandmother a lot about school and their day.

Grandma feels blessed in a quiet valley.

People greet each other God Bless You!

The Grandmother gets a bad cough one day.
She passes away.

The grandchildren fulfill her wish.

They open the window so her soul can freely fly.