Level 2

The Grandmother

One day, Grandmother received a letter from her daughter Theresa Proshek. She greeted her grandchildren Barunka, Adelka, Johny and Willie at The Old Bleachery.

Grandmother often went for walks with children.
She was telling them various stories.

They were visited by many guests during the year.

Their favourite was Mr. Beyer, a gamekeeper from the Sudetic mountains.

Every Sunday, Grandmother went to a Mass and visited the Miller´s house with grandchildren. Grandmother told them a story about her meeting with an Emperor Joseph.

One day, on their way to the gamekeeper´s lodge, they met a Princess. She invited them to the castle.

After they arrived, the gamekeeper told them the story about Victorka. She was a daughter of a peasant from Zernov. One of the soldiers fell in love with her and enchanted her. She decided to leave with him.

Grandmother and children went to the castle to see the Princess. They met Countess Hortense.

Mr. Proshek took the whole family to the Mass to celebrate Corpus Cristi.

Later, they went to a beautiful    parade around the square.

On Midsummer´s Eve, Grandmother saw Christina, a girl from the tavern. She was picking flowers for the St. John’s wreath. Grandmother remembered her youth times.

One of the first festivals to follow St. John´s, there was a pilgrimage to Svatonovitz. Christina and Jacob bought rings they then exchanged.

Mr. Proshek left for Vienna and everyone was sad. 

It was Christmas Day and grandmother’s son Caspar came from Olesnic.

In spring,  a letter arrived from Mr. Proshek saying that he would come in mid-May.  Everyone started to look forward to it.

The melting snow from the mountains caused floods.
Luckily, everyone was safe.

Sad news came from Vienna. Mr. Proshek would not come home in May because Countess Hortense was ill. Grandmother’s daughter Johanna also wanted to come with him.

Mr. Beyer came one day to visit Proshek family with his son Orel. 

Mrs. Proshek said that the Countess got already better.

The Princess and Mr. Proshek came at the beginning of the harvest.

Johanna did not come.

Countess asked Grandmother if she    could draw her as a memory for her grandchildren. 

A violent storm broke out. 

Mr. Proshek spotted Victorka under a tree. 

He tried to chase her away but she just laughed. 

After a while, the sun came out.

The gamekeeper later announced that Victorka had been struck by lightning. 

Christina and Jacob got married. 

One day, Theresa sent out letters for the children to gather and say goodbye to their grandmother.

When the tolling of the bell was heard, the whole valley cried. 

She was an extraordinary woman.