Level 1

The Sorrows of Young Werther

Werther is a ​
–  young, ​
–  educated, ​
–  middle-class gentleman. 

He wants to make his mark on the world.

Werther aspires to be an artist. 

Werther wants to escape the real world. ​

He decides to go to the country. ​

He wants to feel better. 

In a small town called Walheim, Werther meets Charlotte.​

She is a kind and beautiful woman. ​

She cares for her siblings after their mother’s death. 

Werther falls in love with Charlotte. ​

But Charlotte is already engaged ​

to a man named Albert. 

Werther tries to be friends with her. ​

He struggles with his feelings, ​

and his love becomes an obsession. 

He becomes isolated and depressed.​

He wants to take his own life. 

Werther moves to another city.

He takes a position ​

as an attaché to an ambassador. ​

He fails to fit into the court’s social norms.

He resigns from his job. 

He returns to the Walheim.​

His emotions continue to trouble him. ​

He cannot resist seeing Charlotte. 

He knows she cares about him, too. ​

Their feelings for each other intensify. 

In a moment of passion, they kiss. ​

But this only makes things worse. 

Werther’s love to Charlotte is too hard to control. ​

Werther decides to end his life. ​

He believes it to be a sacrifice for Charlotte. 

Before shooting himself, Werther leaves goodbye letters to:

  • his friend Wilhelm,
  • Charlotte 
  • Albert.

Werther survives for a short time after the shot. ​

He then dies. 

The novel is a poignant reminder of the pain ​

caused by unfulfilled love.​