Level 1

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is born in England during the 1830s. ​

He does not know his mother.

Later, he lives in a workhouse.​

Other boys bully him.

Then, he works for an undertaker.​

This man is Mr Sowerberry.

Oliver escapes.​

​He goes to London.

He lives at the house of Fagin.​

Fagin is a criminal.​

Fagin trains orphan boys to steal for him.

Oliver sees other boys steal. ​

The boys steal the tissue of Mr Brownlow.

Oliver is horrified. ​

​Once again, he escapes.

Mr Brownlow takes Oliver to his home.​

​There is a portrait of a woman in the house.​

​Oliver looks like the woman.

Later, the gang of Fagin captures Oliver.​

​Oliver helps in a burglary. ​

​Oliver is shot.​

Mrs Maylie and her niece, Rose, take care of Oliver.

There is a strange man named Monks.​

Fagin and Monks want to capture Oliver.

The mother of Oliver had a gold jewel.​

​Monks destroys the jewel.

Monks is the half-brother of Oliver.​

​Their father is called Mr Leeford.

Mr Leeford was married to a woman.​

​He had an affair with the mother of Oliver.​

​The mother of Oliver is called Agnes Fleming.

Mr Brownlow forces Monks to give Oliver his inheritance.

Actually, Rose is the sister of Agnes.​

Therefore, she is the aunt of Oliver.

Fagin is executed for his crimes.​

​Finally, Mr Brownlow adopts Oliver.​

​Mr Brownlow, Oliver and the Maylies live happily in the countryside.