Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens

Medium | English novel


“Oliver Twist,” a novel by Charles Dickens, narrates the life of a young orphan, Oliver, in 19th-century London. Born in a workhouse, Oliver lives a hard childhood at an overcrowded orphanage and later becomes an apprentice undertaker. Fleeing mistreatment, he reaches London and encounters Fagin, who recruits young thieves. Horrified by the gang’s activities, Oliver escapes and is taken in by the kind Mr Brownlow. Meanwhile, Fagin’s associates capture Oliver. A burglary turns bad, leading Oliver to the care of Mrs Maylie and Rose. Secrets unravel about Oliver’s family, involving his wicked half-brother Monks. Ultimately, in a series of revelations, justice prevails, fortunes change, and the Maylies and Mr Brownlow offer Oliver a loving home.

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