The Adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a Puppet

Carlo Collodi

Medium | Italian children's fantasy novel


“The Adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a puppet.” (original title “Le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia di un burattino.”) tells the story of a wood puppet growing up, who eventually turns into a real child. In this fantastic world, Pinocchio meets particular characters, both good and bad. In one way or another, they make him mature in thoughts and feelings. This is why in the end he deserves a real body. At the beginning of the story, there is just a piece of wood - a talking one! Geppetto is a poor carpenter and gives the shape of a puppet to it. At the very beginning, Pinocchio is really rascal and puts Geppetto in a lot of misadventures. The story is not a usual one: it is different from the classical tales in which there is a good hero who has to fight against an evil character. Pinocchio, as “Alice in Wonderland”, has to face eccentric situations and sometimes behaves badly.

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